Truck Pulls

Ken Boisseau Diesel Truck Pull

Friday August 9th we will hold a diesel truck pull. Thanks to a donation from the Mass Truck Pullers Association, we have decided to really try to make the diesel pulls bigger. We are renaming the diesel pulls in honor of Ken Boisseau ( with the permission of his family).  Prizes are $100.00 for 1st place, $75.00 for 2nd place, and $50.00 for 3rd place. Please tell everyone you know with a diesel to come up, lets see how big we can make this class.

4×4 Truck Pull

The Saturday 4×4 Truck Pull will be a 75-foot pull on a steel stone boat on Saturday August 10th, starting at 10am.  The pull will consist of three classes: 4800 lbs. 4WD Street Legal, 5800 lbs. 4WD Street Legal , 6500 lbs. 4WD Street Legal. First prize will receive $100.00, second place $75.00 and third place $50.  A trophy will be presented to the winner of each class.   Scales open at 8:00am, the pull will start PROMPTLY at 10:00am.




1. Premiums: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place receive cash prizes. A trophy is given for 1st place. Ribbons are given for 1st through 10th place.

2. Entry fee of $20.00 per vehicle per class. All participants will pay gate admission.

3. Operators must be over 16 1/2 years of age and must have parents written permission if under 18 years of age.

4. Any situations that may arise and is not covered by the rules will be left to the discretion of the judges.


6. Loading of drag will be under the direction of the judges.


8. Each contestant will provide one and only one hitch man to hook drag chain to truck.

9. No one will be allowed on the track except track officials and contestants. Track is defined as an area within 25 feet in any direction of the contest course boundaries. Any one in violation will result in disqualification of the contest.

10. Operator must remain seated during the pull.

11. Each vehicle may be entered in more than one class.

12. Vehicles will be weighed before each class starts and re-weighed after the class is over to qualify for premiums.

13. All vehicles pulling in a class must remain in the pit area.

14. Vehicle and drag must remain inside the boundaries of the contest course during the pull or will be disqualified.

15. All pulls made during a contest will be measured.

16. Track not to exceed 75′ in length, 20′ in width and all boundaries shall be lined.

17. All pulls shall be operated with two flagmen. Number one will be responsible for readiness of the track, pulling boat and contest. Number two will be responsible for the balance of the course.

18. The flagmen will be given a yellow flag to be used when the flagmen believe the contest is either violating a rule or is in imminent danger of doing so.

19. When entering a class, all contestants will draw for position.

20. Contest to be governed by judge or judges with all decisions final. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle if it is not being operated in such a manner that would be considered safe.

21. Contestant will designate his hitch man, anyone else will not be allowed on the track for safety reasons.

22. Four-wheel drive vehicles may run without tailgate or rear door for safer hook point visibility.

23. On the final draw, the operator who pulls the drag the greatest distance will be the winner.

24. All pulls must start with a tight hitch and no jerking is permitted. Contestants will be allowed two consecutive attempts or three minutes.


1. Pickups must have a bed with a floor, cab with closed doors, hood and fenders.

2. No dual wheels. Maximum wheel base is 148″.

3. No nitrous oxide systems allowed.

4. No propane injection.

5. No portion of the vehicle may interfere with the sled hitch or sled during the pull.

6. The use of torque converters, automatic shift, etc. will be permitted.

7. Excessive loss of liquid by a vehicle while in forward motion during the contest on the track will be cause for disqualification, unless due to internal breakage.

8. Hitches & Drawbars:

A. Drawbars must be rigid in all directions, and must be equipped with a bolted steel-

hitching device not more than 1″ thick and with at least a 3″ diameter opening. Cross-

sectional thickness must be 7/8″ minimum. Pulling point may not be more than 5″

from the back edge of the hitching device.

B. The draw bar shall be no higher than 20″ and no nearer than 36″ from the center for

the rear axle.

C. Winches may not be used in any way. Hitching must be to a bolted clevis or to a

secure device approved by the judges.

9. Tires:

A. D.O.T. approved tires only. Tires cannot be changed or inflated after weighing.

B. No Sand Paddle Tires, No Paddle Tires, No tractor or equipment tires.

C. No studs or chains.

D. Rubber tires only.

10. Vehicle weight (any solid type of concrete or steel) securely fastened and mounted no higher and no wider than the general profile of the vehicle.

11. Front end weight may not extend further than 60″ from the center of the axle.

12. All weights must be safely secured to the vehicle.

13. Weight cannot be moved after the vehicle has been weighed except on the slab within a three-minute period. Only the hitch man and driver may move these weights.

14. Rear weights must be securely bolted and be solid weights.