This year’s Pie Contest is going to feature America’s favorite pie, The Apple Pie.   Please submit your pie recipe to to enter.  You should bring your pie along with your entry form (you can find it on the last page of our premium book on our website) Sunday at 12:00 noon to the secretary’s office which is located inside the Exhibit Hall.  Judging will commence at 1:00 p.m. on our main stage.  Good Luck!

Contest Rules:

Pies must be homemade. Recipe must be presented. All recipes may be posted on our website and our facebook page. Entrant agrees that the recipe will be used by the fair and published online and in any cookbook created by the fair. Entrant has the right to authorize the public use of the recipe. Pies will be judged live on Sunday, August 13 at 1:00 p.m. Judges will base their scores on the following criteria: Appearance, flakiness of the crust, taste, doneness and overall satisfaction. Judges scores will be done on a 0-10 scale with zero being the lowest score and 10 being the highest. All scores will be added together. Pie with the most points wins 1st place. Judges decisions are final.

Entry Form

Click to access Entry-Blank.pdf